Kiln Dried Logs - 60 Nets

Kiln Dried Logs - 60 Nets

Verdo Briquettes 1 pallet of 98 x 10kg Bags

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Verdo Briquettes 1 pallet of 98 x 10kg Bags
A cost effective, cleaner and easier to handle alternative to traditional logs. They produce great heat and flames you love but without the hassle! Verdo wood briquettes are drier (moisture content less than 10%) and more compact than normal logs which means they burn for a lot longer. Verdo wood briquettes are easy to light, burn with an intense heat and produce a minimum amount of ash (less than 0.7%). When you work out the £ for heating output it’s the best deal in town – compared to traditional logs Verdo wood briquettes can be up to 40% cheaper than traditional seasoned logs. Verdo wood briquettes are manufactured from virgin softwood and meet all the top standards of sustainability and quality such as FSC, Grown in Britain and HETAS ‘Woodsure+’.

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