Timber Harvesting and Purchase

Timber Harvesting & Purchase

If you have standing timber that you wish to fell and sell, Pentland Biomass offer a straightforward, convenient, end to end, personal service.

We manage the project from start to finish:

  • surveying the forest or smaller area of trees,
  • applying for Felling Permission,
  • organising management plans,
  • having the timber felled or thinned,
  • buying the timber,
  • removing it from your site and
  • organising the restocking.

We operate throughout central Scotland and the Borders and offer good rates for timber.  As we are looking after the project and buying the timber ourselves, you only deal with one party.

We fell hardwood and softwood by machine and by hand.

Surveying the Woodland

We undertake small projects as well as larger ones and will help you optimise the value of your woodland first by undertaking site visits and then some desk top calculations that will enable us to make a highly competitive offer for them. We will also advise on any roads, or turning places required and put together a quotation for these if appropriate.

Felling Permission Application

We will remove the administrative burden of the application from you by putting together the application for felling. Upon, or during the approval process, we will apply for and organise any further permissions such as Historic Environment Scotland or electrical cable switch offs.

Management Plans

Plans as well as grant applications are advised upon and put together where appropriate.


This will take place at a time convenient to you following approval from all relevant parties.

Buying and Removal of Timber

As we are responsible for both these elements, timber will be removed and paid for within days of being brought to roadside.


A restocking plan can be put in place for you if appropriate and can be organised and planted on your behalf.

Please contact Richard on 07812 025578 to find how we can help you.
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