Woodchip for Biomass


For more than a decade, Pentland Biomass has been one of Scotland’s largest suppliers of woodchip to the biomass industry selling over 10,000 tonnes per annum.

We source timber locally from sustainable forestry. The timber is clean virgin softwood, often larch and spruce. This is picked up from the roadside in our timber trucks and hauled into one of our wood yards to be seasoned or force dried.

If the wood is to be seasoned it is stacked in our woodyard for a year or so before it is ready for chipping.

If the wood is to be force dried on our drying floor, it is chipped soon after it arrives by our 400hp chipper.

The machinery we use, from the timber trucks to the chippers to the drying floors, is all owned by Pentland Biomass to help us make sure the quality of our product is as it should be. We have invested over £2m in our fuel production process.
The seasoned roundwood is chipped by our whole tree chipper to the specification of our customers’ requirements. We can produce chip from 10% to 60% moisture level. The drying floors and our MusMax chipper also allow us to produce chip for CHP purposes.

Most woodchip leaves our yard in one of our artic trucks. Deliveries are normally around 21 tonnes (90m3) and are undertaken in one of our walking floor trailers. We do some smaller deliveries too and some customers come in and pick their own woodchip. All loads are weighed using our onsite weighbridge.

Our woodchip is BSL registered.

This process ensures that Pentland Biomass always send out high quality, well-priced woodchip.

We hire out our chipper too. See our page on chipping for more information.
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