Biomass Boilers


Domestic Biomass Boilers

Pentland Biomass installed over 200 domestic biomass boilers during the last 10 years. These range from 17kWs to 130kWs and include woodchip, pellet and log gasification systems.

As we are now focusing on the fuel side of our business, Pentland Biomass no longer undertakes the servicing and maintenance of domestic biomass boilers. This is undertaken by XKY Energy

You can contact them on 07921 147034 or The team will be able to look after your biomass system with great care and expertise.

Large Biomass

With almost 3MW of biomass at our Loanhead site, we consider ourselves to be experienced biomass users, as well as installers and servicing experts.

Our two 999kW Herz Biofire boilers heat 5 ½ acres of green housing for Pentland Plants and our 800kW Herz Biofire boiler powers two drying floors for the Pentland Biomass chip production.

We installed nearly 50 commercial biomass systems up to 999kW during the last few years. Whilst we no longer service large scale biomass, we would recommend you contact Mike Blakeley of The Wood Heating Company Limited if you are looking for servicing and maintenance assistance.

You can reach Mike on 01670 739197 or at