About us


Pentland Biomass is a family business and a subsidiary of Pentland Plants Ltd; garden centre and bedding plant producer. We have two 999kW Herz biomass boilers heating our 5½ acre greenhouse site near Edinburgh.

Our woodfuel story began in November 2006 when we installed 2 megawatts of woodchip boilers to provide all the heating and hot water for our Loanhead site.

As we were an early adopter of large-scale biomass, we had to create a fuel supply chain for our new system. We bought our first 500hp whole tree chipper and purchased a few thousand tonnes of local timber.

This, we set at the base of a windy Pentland hillside and set about producing the 2,500 tonnes of wood fuel we required per annum. Having put this process and supply chain together for ourselves at Pentland Plants, Pentland Biomass was formed and we began chipping for others and selling woodchip.

More than a decade on, our business and experience have grown exponentially, allowing us to help many others who have biomass and woodfuel in homes and businesses across Scotland. In the last few years we have begun our wholesale and retail firewood business which is doubling year on year.

We now also source our own timber by connecting directly with landowners and managing their tree removal and restock for them.

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