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Wood Pellets
Excellent Quality Bagged Wood Pellets The pellet brands available on this website are all produced in the UK and hold the ENplusA1 Standard. This means that they are made to the highest standard and burn evenly with minimal ash. All our wood pellets are on the Biomass Supply List (BSL).&n..
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Seasoned Hardwood Logs
Pentland Biomass Hardwood Logs are seasoned for a minimum of one year and then split and stored undercover in vented bags of 1m3 or 2m3.  They are cut to 9 inch lengths making them ideal for wood burning stoves and open fires. Our logs are all harvested from sustainable fo..
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Space Saving Woodfuel Briquettes are a wonderful space saving alternative to seasoned logs. 1 pallet of briquettes has the burning potential of approximately 8m3 of seasoned logs. Clean and Convenient Briquettes are all uniform shape and produce very little ash therefore they are easy..
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