Why Choose Ponast Boilers?

Ponast Wood Pellet BoilersIn searching for a Wood Pellet Heating System product, we assessed many and concluded that Ponast was the right brand for our customers. They have an impressive track record, are very efficient, robust, low maintenance and reliable.

  • Ponast boilers range in output from 15kw to 65kw and meet the heating requirements of domestic dwellings up to 5000 sq ft.
  • They are easily integrated into domestic heating systems.
  • Importantly, they can offer considerable savings over conventional oil and gas systems and improve the energy rating of your home as they are classified as carbon neutral.
  • They are impressively engineered with an integral control panel.
  • They ignite automatically and require minimal maintenance.
  • They are 88 - 92% efficient.
  • Ponast boilers are automatic and are controlled by a time clock or programmable room thermostat in the house. The boiler microprocessor directly controls the combustion process and fuel supply.
  • A 3.5 tonne fuel store is available to allow you to receive delivery in bulk.
  • If under floor heating is the main heating system in the house, a buffer tank would be recommended to improve system efficiency and reduce boiler cycling.
  • Ponast boilers have a strong installation history with many boilers currently installed and operational in the UK and many more throughout mainland Europe. The boilers can be installed in new or existing buildings and can be used with all types of heating systems.

A Ponast heating system comprises of:

  • Highly efficient vertical turbulator heat exchangers.
  • Modulating output.
  • Integral flue fan.
  • 5mm steel construction with heavy duty coaxmite coating for long life.
  • Semi automatic cleaning.
  • Self diagnostic control panel.
  • GSM connection (optional).
  • Fully automatic cleaning (optional).
  • Automatic de-ashing (optional).
  • There are a number of options available to ensure that the system and fuel are housed in a way that suits your home.