Case Studies

Since our launch in 2006, Pentland Biomass have installed over a hundred biomass boiler systems throughout Scotland. From compact pellet and log systems heating homes, to large pellet and woodchip boilers providing heat for large commercial properties and country estates. Please take a look at some of the recent projects we have installed:  

Domestic Case Studies

Domestic Pellet Boiler: Family Home

  • 17kW Ponast Wood Pellet boiler installed 2011 to heat a modern bungalow
  • Using approx 4.5 tonnes of bagged pellets per annum
  • Saving money on fuel and benefiting the environment

Domestic Log Boiler: Large Family Home

  • 130kW Angus Super log boiler installed in 2012, burning a ready supply of wood from the family estate.
  • Bespoke system designed to overcome spatial constraints. 
  • Recent extension of biomass system to nearby holiday cottages and now non-domestic RHI can be earned.

Domestic Woodchip Boiler: Large Estate

  • Biomass now fulfils the heating requirements of the main house and stable block.
  • 180kW Biomass District Heating System housed in a bespoke Energy Cabin with an associated woodchip fuel store and automatic fuel feed.
  • The new boiler system has resulted in a reduction of approximately 135 tonnes of CO2 per annum.


Commercial Case Studies

Stobo Castle: Commercial Woodchip Boiler

  • 199kW Containerised Biomass Boiler in bespoke Energy Cabin heating the spa and accommodation areas.
  • Woodchip delivery and storage system to enable discrete delivery of fuel.
  • 5m by 5m wood chip hopper, and 130m of underground pipe to take the heat to the castle.

Pentland Plants Garden Centre: Commercial Woodchip Boiler

  • 2MW REKA Biomass Boiler installed 2006 to heat 5 ½ acres of glass housing
  • Payback period – less than 2 years
  • 3000 tonnes CO2 saved annually