About Us

About Pentland BiomassPentland Biomass is a family business and a subsidiary of Pentland Plants Ltd; garden centre and largest bedding plant producer in Scotland.

In November 2006, Pentland Plants installed a 2 megawatt woodchip boiler to provide all the heating and hot water for our 5½ acre glass house site near Edinburgh.  Less than 2 years on, the new system had already paid for itself and we are now enjoying a 50% reduction in our ongoing fuel costs.

We are so pleased with our move to woodchip, carbon neutral fuel, that we launched Pentland Biomass to enable the supply of wood fuel products and services.

With our unique experience of searching out, designing, installing and running our own boiler, we believe we are very well positioned to help businesses and domestic customers put in place exactly the right solution to suit them.

Forestry Commission case study of Pentland Plants.

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